Basic training

Basic training using Cruciform type parachute The training course consists of a minimum of 12 hours theory, which contains for example how to solve unusual situations, ground preparation including aircraft exit, how to steer the parachute and landing. The theory ends with a test.  After a pre-jump preparation at the airport you will be ready for your first jump with an automatically deployed parachute from 1200m – 1500m. All our parachutes are equipped with AAD components controlling the deployment of the reserve parachute. You will be equipped with a radio, altimeter, jumpsuit, helmet and protective goggles. You will need trainer/sneaker type shoes, track suit, doctor’s certificate (doctor appointed by Civil Aviation Authority). You must be 15 years or older to be able to take part. 15 -18 year olds will need to have a verified written permission from a parent or legal guardian. On completion of at least one jump you will receive a certificate of basic training completion. The price includes theory, theory documents, test, ground preparation, hire of all equipment, one jump, liability and injury insurance and certificate of completion.

Jumps are from the aircraft AN-2, (Beautiful Ann). Courses can take place from the middle of April to end of October, demand depending. Course normally starts on Friday (17:00-20:00) – theory and ground preparation, day 2 Saturday (8:00-13:00) pre-dive preparation, from 14:00 is skydiving.

  • Price of basic training – 3000kc
  • Each additional jump – 1200kc