You can find the full list of prices by clicking on the Price List .
Yes, however you will be charged a 3.5% handling fee.
Yes for skydive participants. Additional passengers will have to pay 1000kc (must be ordered in advance by phone.
3.5- 4 hours.
We do not participate in Tax free.
Yes, the price will depend on exchange rate of the day according to CNB (Czech National Bank)
Wenceslas Square 57, Prague, outside Starbucks, to the side of the horse statue. Or Tube station Letnany, Prague
Trainers/Sneakers type shoes and a good mood.
No problem, we will lend you para goggles to fit over your glasses.
Yes, we will need your parents/legal guardian signature on the day
We usually operate from March to October or depending on the weather and flight plan.