General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

 1. General information

1.1. Provider is Jindřich Kantor – Tandemy Kantor, RN: 62892258, registered at Na Pěkné vyhlídce 4, Praha 6.

1.2. These General terms and conditions regulates contractual agreement and outlines the rights and obligations between the provider and the ordering party, or customer i.e. third party for whom the activity is ordered or whom will part take in the activity. All contractual agreements are governed by legal regulations of Czech Republic and these terms and conditions.

1.3. The ordering party can be an entrepreneur who uses the services for their business with these activities.

1.4. By submitting your order (opening up a contract) the ordering party fully agrees with these General terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are available on

1.5. Further rapport not regulated by the General terms and conditions is further governed by the trading standards act (40/1964, in full) and the consumer statutory rights act (634/1992 In full)


2. Terms clarification

2.1. The provider (Tandemy Kantor) – is subject, which by agreeing and fulfilling of a contract, is acting in accordance with its business; it is an entrepreneur, acting solely or through other entrepreneurs offering its business. 

2.2. Ordering party –   individual or corporate body, who by agreeing and fulfilling of a contract is not acting within the remit of their business or other corporate industry; it an individual or corporate body that uses the activity for other than business use. 

2.3. Activity recipient – is a third party for whom the activity has been ordered and contract agreed on their behalf

2.4. Customer – an individual who has ordered our activities and agreed with the contract themselves

2.5. Contract agreement –by submitting an order this creates a contract and the contract itself creates a contractual agreement on submission of agreement by the provider to the ordering party with its proposal (confirmation of order by the provider, when agreement can be written, verbal in person or verbal over the telephone); legal agreement between the provider and the ordering party is valid from that moment, if a contract is made on behalf of a third person, they become liable from the moment they agree, if the third person does not agree, the contract becomes valid between the provider and the ordering party, until that time the party which has made the booking is liable (same applies if third party fails to agree). By agreement from the recipient with these General terms and conditions is classed as the submission of booking of a specific date for the activities to be carried out or by placing an order for a gift voucher.

2.6. Consumer contract – contract of production, purchase contract or any other contract between the provider and the ordering party.


3. Personal data protection

3.1. The ordering party personal data, any respective recipient, needed for communication with these parties, will be used exclusively and only for the contractual fulfilment purpose, including booking of the activities or changes related with a booking.

3.2. Customer personal data is kept with accordance of Czech Republic trading law and personal data protection law act (101/200, in full). All personal data received are only for internal use by the provider and are not available to third parties. The exception is made to external suppliers, whom only necessary information is shared with in accordance of our contract fulfilment. Customer’s personal data is secured against misuse.  Data is kept but not shared for third party application. 

3.3. By agreeing to these general terms and conditions you are agreeing to receive information about upcoming activities by the provider (offers, promotions etc.).

3.4. All materials and information on the provider’s website is solely intellectual property of the provider and everybody cooperating with the provider. The use or adaptation of these materials and information is strictly forbidden without prior provider’s agreement.

3.5. The provider’s website may have links to external third party websites: the provider is not liable or takes any responsibility for the contents or the services provided by these.


4. Subject of contract

4.1. Subject of contract agreement

4.1.1. The subject of the contract agreement is binding commitment by the provider to ensure the activities are delivered in accordance with the contract (the order and its confirmation) and the binding commitment by the customer is to make payment of the agreed amount for the activities to the provider and to part take in the activities in accordance with the General terms and conditions.

4.1.2. The ordering party can order an activity, a gift voucher or goods currently available on the provider’s website

4.1.3. The ordering party can order a specific activity, which can be used by the recipient at the price valid at the time of purchase of the specific activity. 

4.2. Order

4.2.1. The order of activity, vouchers or goods can be made via the provider’s website/app, over the phone or in person (at the provider’s facilities i.e. Mladá Boleslav – Bezděčín airport or Prague 6, Na Pěkné vyhlídce 4.

4.2.2. The order is a suggestion by the ordering party for contract agreement with the subject of activity provision listed in the order in accordance with the General terms and conditions.

4.2.3. By the invoice address we mean the registered mailing address of the ordering party submitting the order for the activity, voucher or goods.

4.2.4. Delivery address we mean the address stated on the order.

4.3. Vouchers and goods

4.3.1. The provider will deliver to the order party or third person address nominated by the order party for whom the vouchers or goods have been requested on the ordering form or when ordered in person. 

4.3.2. Orders made using the online shop or the app are classed as completed by the provider at the time of dispatch to Česká Pošta with a proof of postage.


5. Cost and payment conditions

5.1. Cost of provided activities, voucher and goods

5.1.1. The cost is displayed on the provider’s website or app. The cost will be displayed and dependent on the activity, voucher or goods chosen, the price displayed is VAT inclusive

5.1.2. Payment can be made by a bank transfer, postal order, in cash, payment card, via invoice or ordered via Benefit plus. When using bank transfer or postal order, the correct reference number must be used to be able to prove the payment receipt by the provider. If payment has not been received in time, the provider may request payment in cash prior to offering and completing the agreed service. Cash payment can be made using Czech koruna or Euros (exchange rate calculated on the day) For invoice payment you must supply the correct invoice information. Card payment is subject of an additional 3.5% handling fee. To use Benefit plus as a payment method, you must submit your order to them first.

5.1.3. Parcels can be sent using – pay on delivery

5.2. Delivery cost

5.2.1. Delivery cost in accordance with Ceska Posta price list at the time of posting

5.2.2. Packaging – Free

5.3. Promotional discounts

5.3.1. Promotional discounts are not valid in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion.

5.4. Order fulfilment

5.4.1. The provider is liable to fulfil the order for the duration of the time specified on the order usually valid for 12 months from the order completion date (date of confirmation of the order by the provider).

5.4.2. The voucher becomes invalid after the expiration date

5.5. Bookings

5.5.1. All activity booking must be agreed with the provider in advance. The provider has the right to reject a booking if the requested date is fully booked. 

5.5.2. Booking can be made online, via the app, by phone or email. Email bookings are only valid once confirmation email has been received by the customer.

5.5.3. Cancellation can be made by the recipient up to 48 hours prior to the booked date.

5.5.4. If cancellation is made closer to the booked date than the required cancellation period (or the customer fails to turn up) the recipient is allowed to request new booking as long as the voucher is valid, the recipient will be required to compensate the provider for any expenses incurred by the provider from the original booking, up to the cost of the ordered activity. 

5.5.5. If the booking is cancelled due to higher power (adverse weather, technical equipment issues) the recipient has the right to re-book new date in accordance with the voucher validation at the next available date, recipient is not entitled to compensation caused by the cancellation. 

5.5.6. The provider reserves the right that the vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.


6. Rights and Obligations

6.1. The recipient is required to be assessed if they are healthy and physically able to part take in chosen activity. Information about limitation in relation to offered activities (i.e. age, health limitation, disabilities, medical certificate) can be found provided in each activity details section. The recipient will undertake each activity at their own risk.   

6.2. The recipient is required to attend at the agreed time, date and place. 

6.3. The recipient is required to attend with the requested documents. Failure to comply with this request will be classed as a cancellation by the recipient as outlined in section  5.5.4. of the General terms and conditions. 

6.4. If the recipient is using a third party voucher to pay for services, they are required to hand the vouchers over to the provider prior to any activities taking place at the place of the activity being delivered. If this is not completed the provider reserves the right to refuse the services provision. If the services are still provided, the recipient is required to hand over the voucher within 14 days of the activity taken place to the providers registered address or must make an alternative payment within 14 days (invoice with the correct cost for activity undertaken  will be issued by the provider). 

6.5. The ordering party must ensure that any recipient 15 years old or younger is accompanied by parent or legal guardian, approved parent or legal guardian consent is required for recipient 15-18 years old if they are not being accompanied by parent or guardian to the activity. 

6.6. The provider is liable to provide at the place of the activity a qualified person who will deliver the required training and oversee the adhesion to the rules and regulations during the activity.

6.7. The recipient is liable for all damages caused to the provider caused by negligence or not following the rules and regulations they have been made aware of before the activity taken place or through a voucher.


7. Cancellations and refunds

7.1. The provider is allowed to cancel the order in the following instances:

7.1.1. Due to sub-contractors cancellation of a required service by the sub-contractor. The recipient is entitled to full refund.  The recipient must be informed about cancellation by the provider at the time of booking at the latest. Both parties are allowed to agree to alternative activities up to the value of the original order. 

7.2. The order party has the right to cancel in the following instances: 

7.2.1. The order party  (if they are the consumer) has the right to cancel the order up to 14 days prior to the activity taking place, if the order was arranged using distance communication (i.e. online, email, phone or app)without reason given and without any cancellation charges. If the ordering party chooses to use this right, they must deliver this decision to the provider within 14 days of the voucher issued date. The order party (if they are the customer) has the right to withdraw in accordance with provision #53, section 8, of the Civil Act (40/1964, in full). In this instance the provider has the right for compensation from the ordering party for any cost incurred from contract agreement. 

7.2.2. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing by email to or by signed for delivery post to Jindrich Kantor – Tandemove seskoky, Na Pekne vyhlidce 4, Praha 6, 162 00. The cancellation request must include the original voucher (if it has been issued already) letter with the following details order party name, contact number, account number, email. Relevant refund to the ordering party will be processed via bank transfer.


8. Complaint

8.1. The provider is required to ensure the recipient receives their purchase in accordance with these General terms and conditions as well as mandatory law requirements.

8.2. If the provider fails to provide the recipient with services required by the binding contract, the recipient has the right to complain to the provider without any delay but no later than 14 days from the agreed completion date. In the instance where the activity has not taken place at all, the recipient is required to raise complaint without any delay but no later than 3 month from the date of the first agreed contract completion (from the date when the activity should have started).

8.3. The customer is required to submit any complaint in writing (for the purpose of the contract made between the provider and the recipient, email is a suitable written form), the recipient must provide the voucher number (if this has been issued) and is required to describe activity or service faults.

8.4. The provider is required to uphold the complaint without any delay but no later than 1 month from its receipt. In case of complaint rejection by the provider, the provider is required to submit its finding to the recipient in writing (for the purpose of the complaint, email is suitable form).

8.5. If the recipient’s submitted complaint is found to be correct, they have the right for the faults to be removed if possible, if this is not possible they have the right to request price reduction or complete order cancellation. If the cause for the complaint is fault from the provider, the recipient has the right to claim full refund.