New facilities – 2020

New hangar built for our use.

My tandem jump – 2020

We have created new app for skydive booking.


Ordinace v ruzove zahrade 2 – 2015

Účastníme se natáčení jednoho z dílů Ordinace v růžové zahradě 2 pod názvem “Létající Čestmír” (díl 626).


Navalis – 2014

We help to organise Navalis corporate celebrations


Aneta Langerova music video – 2009

Taking part in Aneta Langerova music video Vysoke Napeti (High Voltage), video available on YouTube.


Successful year – 2008

Stejně jako v minulých letech, téměř na každém letišti v ČR. A pro velký úspěch, stejně jako vloni, hlavně na letišti u Mladé Boleslavi. Český ráj ze 4 km, to je moc pěkná podívaná! Přijeďte za námi a zažijte pocit tandemového seskoku.


Mlada Boleslav – 2007

We have taken part in vintage air show, completing a jump with the biggest Czech flag. Same as in previous years we were at nearly every airport in Czech. But we were the only company to have signed a contract with Mlada Boleslav airport so we are the nearest to Prague. Mlada Bolesva is only 40km(24m) north of Prague. We can offer a complete package (accommodation, restaurant…..) and we operate Cessna aircraft flying up to 4000m (2.4m).


New base – 2006

We use parachute bases at all Czech airports mainly Pribram, Horovice, Strunkovice nad Blanici, Nove Mesto nad Metuji, Hradec Kralove and Most. This gives you two choices, you can either choose a date and we will tell you where or you can choose where and we will tell you when you can take part in a skydive. We do not recommend to just turn up blind to any airport as there can be more than one operator at any airport. This is why we try to be different and look after our customers and stay one step ahead at all times so you can proudly say who you jumped with. This is very important for us. What have we achieved so far?


Vyvoleni – 2005

We have done company functions for Auction House Prague, Palace Cinemas, Camel, promotional jumps at Memorial Air Show Roudnice nad Labem and promotional jump at the start of reality show VyVoleni(the chosen once)


Promotional jump – 2004

We completed promotional jump for KAVKA printing house.


Promitional jumps – 2003

You could have won a skydive with us in a competition organised by Camel, yet again we have satisfied CSOB, Outdoor & Training, UNISYS, ETA Hlinsko with our services.



We have taken part in the Master of Adrenalin function organised by Outdoor & Training agency where we completed 50 jumps. This was the year we have also completed first night tandem skydive in Czech.