Tandem skydive + photo and video - booking deposit


Tandem parachute jump is a classic unforgettable adrenaline experience. Tandem jump is an experience for everybody age 8 -100.

Flight and jump can be cancelled due to adverse weather or aircraft technical difficulties. In these instances we will arrange an alternative date or refund the booking deposit.

Video recording
We make video recordings from every skydive so there is no issue if you want to make an additional purchase of this at a later stage

Video recording failure
You are not entitled to alternative jump if the video recording fails

We use the most up to date equipment. All our parachutes are equipped with a safety device releasing the reserve parachute in case of emergency.

The company is covered by accident and liability insurance to third person.

To guarantee your seat please make your booking well in advance. Bookings can be made by email info@padaky.cz or phone +420 603 456 227 or +420 777 654 327.
For booking or change of date please contact us at least two days in advance.

Height and weight restrictions
Weight limit is 100kg (220lb) and height limit is 190cm (6f2in). Do not hesitate to contact us if you are over these limits.

Total price of the jump + video and photo series is 6200kc. You will need to pay 1000Kc deposit now and the remaining 5200kc will be payable in cash at the airport prior to your jump.

Tandem skydive is the biggest adrenaline experience that you will never forget. Skydiving is great fun for everybody age 8 – 100. Jump can be captured in video or in photo series.