Promotional skydive

We offer

  • skydives with large flags (up to 10m x 20m)
  • skydives for corporate functions, adrenalin entertainment at your wedding or birthday party in a garden or golf club.

We bring you down to earth

  • a banner with your company logo or message of your choice (up to 10m x 20m)
  • a gift or reward for chosen person

You can order individual or group skydives up to 12 jumpers. Promotional jumps are carried out by professionals. The price is made up of a combination of the cost of the aircraft, number of jumpers involved and the distance required to fly. Out of interest a maximum size flag (10m x 20m) can be read from 3 -3.5km, which means it can be seen from around 34.5km/2. You can only imagine how many people will see it. Flag flight time can be up to 5 minutes. Specific time and place can be arranged with 1 – 2 minutes accuracy. We would be happy to discuss all your suggestions!