Tandem skydive

What is tandem skydiving?
Tandem is an ideal method for those who want to try freefall without lengthy training. After about 15 minutes of preparation with your instructor you will be ready for the jump. Before you exit the aircraft you will be securely attached with a special harness, you will exit the aircraft with the instructor at about 3000m – 4000m and free fall for about 60 seconds, your safety and comfort will be taken care of and you can enjoy this unforgettable moment. The instructor will deploy the parachute at the appropriate moment and you will be able to take control of it. This way you will glide down to earth in comfort where you will safely land with your instructor. We can record your whole experience so you can share it with your nearest and dearest in the future. The cost of your experience will depend of additional choices but they are all worth it. The full list of prices available by clicking on price list. 

Bit of history
First attempted tandem skydive was done by Bill Booth, Deland, Florida in the middle of the 70’s. Unfortunately it did not end very well and they left further jumps for the future. The main and deciding factor for tandem skydives was the placement of the reserve parachute on the back. By making this change it allowed space for the passengers and for tandem skydiving to take place. The first tandem jump was made in 1977, Bill Booth used his modified parachute in a tandem order. The passenger was an 11 year old boy. There were many more problems to overcome before the start of the tandem program, starting with manufacture of reliable equipment, parachute canopy, breaks and other accessories necessary for tandem skydiving as we know it today. The first tandem skydive in Czechoslovakia was carried out by the head trainer of professional sports club in Pribram, Ada Eisenhammer on 14/10/1989 using a prototype of Czech tandem parachute Duo. Eva Petrakova was the brave passenger, she was part of the skydiving team. First training of tandem pilots in Czech took place 6/11/1992 in Pribram. This led to the qualifying of 4 tandem pilots by an instructor from Belgium. Only a year later a further 4 more we trained, two in Belgium and two in Germany.