About Us


Training centre Paraschool KANTOR – Tandem Kantor – airport Mlada Boleslav

Our company has been established by Jindrich Kantor in 1998 as Tandem centre Prague. We are an exclusive commercial operator of parachuting since 2007 at airport Mlada Boleslav (Tandemy Kantor). We have been awarded the status of training centre by Aeroclub Czech Republic in 2009 (Paraschool Kantor). Since 1998 we have performed more than 20 000 tandem skydive jumps with customers, all of them left happy and with smile on their face and unforgettable memories. We choose all of our employees carefully and we have experience in organising corporate functions where we are able to carry out up to 50 tandem skydive jump in one day whilst keeping an individual approach to all passengers. Our aim is to achieve quality results and client satisfaction. Let us do the worrying. :o) 


The best example of what we do is available on www.youtube.com, search Tandem Kantor or Skydive Kantor and other similarly caption videos. These are our and our happy customer’s videos. We think this is the most effective way to see our best work without filters. If you like what you see, we will be really happy to see you.